Polish Women Artists is a group of women combining different art practices but sharing the same roots of Polish heritage. They joined their forces during the pandemic, wanting to share their art with local communities in South London and are actively exhibiting in 2022. 
Their work includes paintings, illustration, photography, printmaking and more. 
Artists that exhibited with the group 
to this day:
Karolina Jonc Buczek
Julia Chwascinska
Martyna Kaczmarek
Magdalena Del Mar 
Monika Koch (Monneeshka)
Joanna Niedzielska
Victoria Olejniczak
Joasia Ostrowska
Ania Pieniazek 
Maria Storey
Past exhibitions:
Sprout Arts Gallery, March 2021
Sprout Arts Gallery, September 2021
Carvalho's Cafe, from 6 March 2022

Upcoming exhibitions:
Paxton Centre – 1 - 31 May 2022 
Launch night – Friday 6 May 2022 7pm - 11pm

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